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Moving too quickly

We are fully in swing with renovations in our new space. It's an overwhelming process, and has left me with less time for myself than I am use to having. I notice than when I am overwhelmed or when I have less time, I tend to spend less time with my own spiritual practice. I think that this is a product of our "pedal to the metal" culture--anything that doesn't seem "productive" takes a back seat. I have noticed this before, and have learned a great deal from it. However, I try to honor the teachings of my spirits by internalizing their teachings, so I do not have to learn things the hard way more than once.


So this month, I have put effort into reversing that effect. While personal shamanic practice may not produce anything tangible, when we walk this path, it is the foundation of everything else that we do. In that sense, it is as essential as eating, or sleeping, or even breathing.


Consider for yourself if winter has caused you to step back from what is essential for you, whether due to the business of the season, or a need in yourself to have more rest and less activity.


I do not typically teach in the winter, and I have kept to that this year. For me, restarting my teaching schedule in the early spring is its own kind of rededication. I invite you to join me in that--whether it's through joining circles, continuing your training, starting on this path for the first time, or attending to your own personal healing.


Notice the days getting a little longer, notice the shoots when the begin to poke up through the snow. Allow yourself to reawaken. I look forward to seeing you in the spring.

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