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Foundation for Shamanic Studies Online Workshops

Workshop cancellation policy:  Refunds will be given, minus a $40 processing fee, up to one month before the workshop.  50% refunds will be given up to two weeks before the workshop.  Within two weeks of the workshop, no refunds will be issued.

Online Workshops

All online workshops are held via Zoom


Preparation for online workshops:

Please be located in a private, quiet place where you will not be disturbed

Please be able to have your camera and microphone on during the workshop

Dress comfortably 

Please have with you a rattle and a drum (optional), as well as pen and paper to record your experiences

Headphones are recommended but not required

I am currently in the part of the year when I do not teach.  I find it's important to take time to focus on my own personal work, and winter is the time when I do that type of hibernation.

Please see below for online workshops beginning in 2023.  I will be teaching the online Knowledge and Power series, and the Healing Series.  Please note that these workshops are designed to be taken in a particular order, so each workshop is the prerequisite for the next one (with some exceptions).  

The Shamanic Journey: Pathway to Knowledge and Power

Thursday February 9th and 16th, 5pm-8:30pm

The shamanic journey is a remarkable visionary method for entering into another reality with discipline and purpose. Using classic drumming techniques to alter consciousness, participants will be introduced to the shamanic journey to awaken one's soul and dormant spiritual power. Travel outside of time and space into another reality and make contact with compassionate helping spirits, such as teachers and power animals, for personal wisdom and to gain knowledge to help create a better world.

Cost is $150 for this workshop

Shamanic Divination in Practice

Thursday March 2nd and 9th, 5pm-8:30pm


**Prerequisite: The Shamanic Journey (online) or The Way of the Shaman (in person)

The skilled practice of shamanic divination, the process of consulting the spirits for knowledge, is an essential aspect of shamanic healing and of bringing the wisdom of the helping spirits to bear on personal, local, and global issues. This workshop offers students opportunities to practice methods for contacting their compassionate spirit helpers, particularly through the shamanic journey, and to enhance their abilities to form on-topic questions and interpret the messages received. Participants will also experience classic shamanic ways to build and nurture strong relationships with their own spirits.

In addition to the items listed at the top of this page, please have with you a palm-sized rock (NOT a crystal), preferably found in nature

Cost is $150 for this workshop

The Shamanic Worldview: Everything is Alive

Thursdays April 20th and 27th, 5pm-8:30pm


**Prerequisites: The Shamanic Journey and Shamanic Divination in Practice (online) or The Way of the Shaman (in person)


The shamanic worldview underpins the ethical and effective practice of shamanism. Experiential knowledge of this worldview leads to a profound awareness of the sacred nature of our world and an awakening of compassion, resulting in a deep desire to relieve pain and suffering and restore balance and harmony.

Using journeying and experiential shamanic methods, in this online workshop you will have the opportunity to personally explore and experience the fundamental aspects of the shaman's worldview:

  • Everything is alive and has spirit

  • Unity: We are part of, connected with, the totality of nature

  • Independent spirituality, the shaman as "one who knows"

  • The implications of these principles related to permission when doing shamanic healing and divination

Cost is $150 for this workshop

Shamanism, Spirits, and Healing

Thursday May 18th and 25th, 5pm-8:30pm

**Prerequisites: The Shamanic Journey and Shamanic Divination in Practice (online) or The Way of the Shaman (in person)

**Strongly recommended: The Shamanic Worldview

Effective shamanic practice depends upon knowledge of the spirit realms and how to access them to build strong relationships with the compassionate helping spirits. Powerful shamanic healing requires training, discipline, and experience.

In this experiential workshop, which sets the context for the Shamanic Healing Online Training Program, you will have the opportunity to personally explore:

  • The three worlds of the shaman (Upper, Lower, and Middle Worlds) and the qualities of ordinary and non-ordinary reality;

  • The nature of the spirits of the three worlds;

  • Middle World non-ordinary reality spiritual aspects and their relationship to illness and wholeness.

Primary shamanic healing methods will be described, including shamanic extraction healing, psychopomp to help the spirits of the deceased, and soul retrieval. You will learn and practice power animal retrieval, with the chance to work with another participant to both retrieve and receive a power animal.

In addition to the items listed at the top of the page, please have with you:

A rock (NOT a crystal) about 2-3" in diameter, preferably found in nature, that is new to you

A human-made piece of artwork that is able to be visible on your screen (Examples: A sculpture, ceramic dish/vase, painting, weaving, stuffed animal, jewelry (larger), drawing, etc. NO ELECTRONICS OR PHOTOGRAPHS -- nothing with people in it.)

Cost is $150 for this workshop

Shamanism and Personal Transformation

Thursday June 8th, 15th, and 27th, 5pm-8:30pm

**Prerequisites: The Shamanic Journey and Shamanic Divination in Practice (online) or The Way of the Shaman (in person)

Shamanism has much to offer those seeking personal knowledge and emotional and spiritual maturity. Shamanism & Personal Transformation teaches us how to work with our spirit helpers and in ordinary reality to transform personal attitudes, emotions, and blocks to living a fulfilled and inspired life. Exercises are provided to help participants see and move beyond personal limitations to a centered and compassionate state of being. In so doing, we bring these qualities into the world to the benefit and ultimate transformation of our Earth and its inhabitants.

This workshop offers practical methods to gain and apply wisdom from the spirits to your personal life:

  • Reconnect with your soul's purpose and discover your role in the larger context of our world

  • Practice applying shamanic divination/journeying methods to personal issues using a standard problem-solving process

  • Uncover personal attitudes and emotions that block and limit personal growth and wholeness

  • Use shamanic divination to discover how to move beyond your limitations to live a compassionate and transformative life

Cost is $220 for this workshop

Coming later in 2023:

The Shaman As Psychopomp (July)

Shamanic Extraction Healing Method (August)

Power Soul Retrieval Method (September)

Inspired Shamanic Healing Practice (October)

Core Shamanic Healing Practice (November-December)