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Foundation for Shamanic Studies Online Workshops

Online Workshops
All online workshops are held live via Zoom
All workshop times are in Eastern Time

Workshop cancellation policy: 


Refunds will be given, minus a $40 processing fee, up to one month before the workshop.  50% refunds will be given up to two weeks before the workshop.  Within two weeks of the workshop, no refunds will be issued.

Please note that it is against FSS policy to record any workshops, whether online or in person. Online workshops will not be recorded; you must be present for all sessions in order to complete the workshop, and in order for it to count as a prerequisite for advanced workshops.

Preparation for online workshops:


Please be located in a private, quiet place, without  background noise, where you will not be disturbed

Please be able to have your camera and microphone on during the workshop

Dress comfortably 

Please have with you a rattle, as well as pen and paper to record your experiences (see individual workshops for additional items to bring)

Headphones are recommended but not required

Online Shamanic Training Series

The Shamanic Journey

Wednesdays March 13 and 20, 5-8:30pm

The shamanic journey is a remarkable visionary method for entering into another reality with discipline and purpose. Using classic drumming techniques to alter consciousness, participants will be introduced to the shamanic journey to awaken one's soul and dormant spiritual power. Travel outside of time and space into another reality and make contact with compassionate helping spirits, such as teachers and power animals, for personal wisdom and to gain knowledge to help create a better world.

This workshop focuses on learning the shamanic journey as a method for gaining wisdom and building relationship.

Cost is $160 for this workshop

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Shamanic Divination in Practice

Wednesdays April 3 and 10, 5-8:30pm

**Prerequisite: The Shamanic Journey (online) or The Way of the Shaman (in person)

The skilled practice of shamanic divination, the process of consulting the spirits for knowledge, is an essential aspect of shamanic healing and of bringing the wisdom of the helping spirits to bear on personal, local, and global issues. This workshop offers students opportunities to practice methods for contacting their compassionate spirit helpers, particularly through the shamanic journey, and to enhance their abilities to form on-topic questions and interpret the messages received. Participants will also experience classic shamanic ways to build and nurture strong relationships with their own spirits.

In addition to the items listed at the top of this page, please have with you a palm-sized rock (NOT a crystal), preferably found in nature

Cost is $160 for this workshop

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The Shamanic Worldview: Everything is Alive

Wednesdays May 1 and 8, 5-8:30pm

**Prerequisites: The Shamanic Journey and Shamanic Divination in Practice (online) or The Way of the Shaman (in person)


This workshop will be required to complete the Healing Series


The shamanic worldview underpins the ethical and effective practice of shamanism. Experiential knowledge of this worldview leads to a profound awareness of the sacred nature of our world and an awakening of compassion, resulting in a deep desire to relieve pain and suffering and restore balance and harmony.

Using journeying and experiential shamanic methods, in this online workshop you will have the opportunity to personally explore and experience the fundamental aspects of the shaman's worldview:

  • Everything is alive and has spirit

  • Unity: We are part of, connected with, the totality of nature

  • Independent spirituality, the shaman as "one who knows"

  • The implications of these principles related to permission when doing shamanic healing and divination

Cost is $160 for this workshop

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Coming later this year:
Online Shamanic Healing Training Program

May/June--Shamanism, Spirits, and Healing
July--The Shaman as Psychopomp
September--Shamanic Extraction Training
October/November--Power Soul Retrieval Training

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