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Foundation for Shamanic Studies Online Workshops

Online Workshops
All online workshops are held live via Zoom
All workshop times are in Eastern Time

Workshop cancellation policy: 


Refunds will be given, minus a $40 processing fee, up to one month before the workshop.  50% refunds will be given up to two weeks before the workshop.  Within two weeks of the workshop, no refunds will be issued.

Please note that it is against FSS policy to record any workshops, whether online or in person. Online workshops will not be recorded; you must be present for all sessions in order to complete the workshop, and in order for it to count as a prerequisite for advanced workshops.

Preparation for online workshops:


Please be located in a private, quiet place, without  background noise, where you will not be disturbed

Please be able to have your camera and microphone on during the workshop

Dress comfortably 

Please have with you a rattle, as well as pen and paper to record your experiences (see individual workshops for additional items to bring)

Headphones are recommended but not required

Series and timing:

I am currently running the Knowledge and Power Series, followed by the Healing Series, in their entirety.  I am running these programs at two different times, one in the morning (9am on Wednesdays) and once in the evening (5pm on Thursdays).  

I have listed the morning series first, and the evening series second; therefore, this page is not entirely in chronological order.  Please look through both series to see if there is a workshop you would like to take, and please contact me with questions.

Go to morning series

Go to evening series

Online Shamanic Training Series: Morning Series

The Shaman as Psychopomp

Wednesdays October 25 and November 1 and 8, 9am-12:30pm

**Prerequisites: Shamanism, Spirits, and Healing and its prerequisites(online) or The Way of the Shaman (in person)

**Strongly recommended: The Shamanic Worldview (this will be required for the next workshop in the series)


Shamans are concerned with the human soul, with healing during life and assisting the soul's passage out of the Middle World after death. Familiar with the realms of the dead, a shaman can act as a psychopomp - a conductor of souls. A trained shamanic practitioner is able to guide the soul of a deceased person out of the Middle World to a place where the soul can receive help in taking the next step on its path. The focus of this training is on learning and practicing the psychopomp method.

In this fully experiential workshop, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Explore what happens for human souls from a core shamanic perspective after they leave the body - the "destiny of human souls" in the Upper, Lower, and Middle Worlds

  • Learn and practice the psychopomp method to help the souls of the deceased out of the Middle World to a better place

  • How to locate a soul in the Middle World that may be stuck and in need of help

  • How to obtain the soul's permission to offer shamanic assistance

  • How to guide the soul to a place in the Upper or Lower World where it will be helped to continue on its journey

Cost is $235 for this workshop

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Shamanic Extraction Healing Method

Wednesdays January 7, 24, and 31, 9am-12:30pm

**Prerequisites: The Shaman As Psychopomp and its prerequisites, and The Shamanic Worldview (online) or The Way of the Shaman (in person)


Shamanic extraction healing is a powerful practice for treating localized pain and illness resulting from spiritual factors. "The shaman works to remove things that interfere with the health of the body, such as spiritual intrusions, and extract them. This is not done through journeying. It's done through working here in the Middle World in an altered state of consciousness." Michael Harner, Shamanic Healing

In this fully experiential online workshop, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn methods to build spiritual power to prepare for extraction practice

  • Sense and see spiritual intrusions, which may be causing localized illness

  • Practice with other participants to safely extract (remove) spiritual intrusions

  • Re-empower a client after a shamanic extraction to restore health and well-being

Cost is $235 for this workshop

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Coming early in 2024:

Soul Retrieval Training

Inspired Shamanic Healing Practice

Core Shamanic Healing Practice

Online Shamanic Training Series: Evening Series

Power Soul Retrieval Method

Thursdays October 26 and November 2 and 9, 5pm-8:30pm

**Prerequisites: Shamanic Extraction Healing Method and its prerequisites (online) OR The Way of the Shaman; Shamanic Extraction Healing Training; and Shamanism, Dying, and Beyond (in person)


Soul loss due to trauma - such as emotional pain and shock, accidents, long term illness, constant stress, overwork and even the loss of connection with nature - is a spiritual illness, recognized by shamans cross-culturally. A missing soul portion can be thought of as part of a person's vitality and essence that they can no longer access, leaving them diminished and lacking in power. Soul retrieval is a classic shamanic method in which the practitioner, with the assistance of their helping spirits, in an altered state using rhythmic drumming or rattling, makes a shamanic journey to locate and return any missing portions of a client's soul.

In this fully experiential online workshop, participants will be trained in the core elements of soul retrieval, including:

  • Definitions of the soul and soul loss

  • The importance of spiritual power to effective soul retrieval and exercises to build power and strong relationships with your helping spirits

  • How to find and bring back a lost soul portion for a client

  • Practice with other participants offering and receiving soul retrieval to help restore wholeness, personal vitality, and health

Cost is $235 for this workshop

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Inspired Shamanic Healing Practice: Essentials of Effective & Principled Shamanic Healing

Coming early 2024

**Prerequisites: The Shamanic Journey and Shamanic Divination in Practice (online) or The Way of the Shaman (in person)

While it is not required, I strongly recommend having taken the healing methods (online or in person) before this workshop


An effective shamanic healing practice depends on a combination of factors, including authentic and rigorous training in methods and direct experience with clients. As a spiritual healing method, the pragmatic aspects of the profession may be easily overlooked, and yet can make the difference between a valuable experience and a profoundly healing one from the client's viewpoint.

A well-designed container for your healing practice that supports your clients and inspires you, can considerably enhance the effectiveness of your work. This training is appropriate for those beginning a shamanic practice who want to see what issues to consider and how to plan their future practice. It can be especially helpful for seasoned healers to dialogue with other practitioners and to help deepen their own work. NOTE: Some students who are very new to the work find it beneficial to have had more training and practice (particularly in the healing methods such as psychopomp work, extraction, and soul retrieval) before taking this workshop.

Purpose of the workshop:

  • To help you develop an ethical, effective shamanic practice that has integrity and is based in respect for all beings;

  • To offer you guidelines and ways of deciding for yourself regarding ethical issues - such as whether there is permission to do shamanic healing work in a specific situation - rather than "one size fits all" rules or answers;

  • To increase the professionalism of the practice by helping you create a supportive "container" that enhances your practice, including appropriate boundaries, safety, and freedom to practice within that container.

What will be covered: Ethical issues such as permission, talking with and screening potential clients, what to do before and after a session; brief legal considerations (not legal advice*); practicing with integrity and respect; and some pragmatic aspects of an effective shamanic practice.

What will not be covered: Shamanic healing and divination methodologies.

The online workshop combines lecture, small group discussion, interactive exercises, and journeying. Please note: This workshop does not address marketing issues.

Cost is $160 for this workshop

Core Shamanic Healing Practice

Coming January-February 2024

**Prerequisites: Soul Retrieval (in person or online) and its prerequisites


This online workshop will provide students with advanced FSS training the chance to review and practice the fundamental core shamanic healing methods in a session with a participant-client. Those who are beginning a shamanic healing practice, as well as seasoned practitioners seeking to increase their proficiency, can benefit from this training.

The workshop includes:

  • General parameters of a shamanic healing session, as well as important ethical considerations.

  • Review and practice of the primary methods, as taught in the in-person weekend workshops and the Online Shamanic Healing series: extraction healing, power animal retrieval, psychopomp work, and power soul retrieval.

  • The opportunity to "put it all together" by applying multiple core shamanic healing methods in a solo session for another participant in the role of the client.

  • Discussion, Q&A, and information exchange afterwards with other shamanic practitioners to clarify the methods and address issues that may arise during a healing session.

Cost is $295 for this workshop

Please come back later to see dates for the start of the 2024 Online Evening Series

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