My Services

Shamanic healing is done in relationship with compassionate Helping Spirits.  In order to address what is not working, I communicate with the Spirits to determine what healing method will best address the issue at hand.

Illness comes either from the loss of spiritual power, or from the presence of an energy that does not belong in the body.  Shamanic healing methods are used to address the spiritual aspect of a physical, mental, or emotional issue that manifests as illness, fatigue, discomfort, or a general feeling of being unwell.

  Healing methods may include:

  • Shamanic Extraction

  • Soul Retrieval

  • Power Animal Retrieval

  • Depossession

  • Drum Healing

  • Passing Spiritual Power

  • Cleansing

  • Additional advanced methods as needed 

Often, we find ourselves at a crossroads, not knowing what direction to go.  Through Shamanic divination methods, I can communicate with the compassionate Helping Spirits to provide wisdom and information that can assist you in choosing the right path for you.  I use methods from Core Shamanism, methods taught to be by teachers from specific cultures, and methods I have developed with my own Helping Spirits.

The word Psychopomp means "conductor of souls."  When a person dies, they can become stuck and unable to move onto the next stage of their journey.  Through Shamanic Psychopomp work, I can assist these suffering beings in moving on in a way that is compassionate to them and also protects the living from their unhelpful energies.

Space Clearing

Often, a space, such as a home or office, will become filled with unhealthy energies.  The space may feel uncomfortable, or people who live or work there may feel anxious or drained.  Using my relationships with my Helping Spirits, as well as through working with the Spirits residing on the land, I can work to create a more harmonious space that feels calming and clear.

Sometimes, there is a sense of unwellness related to the land itself, requiring negotiation with nature beings.  I can work with these Spirits to find what they need in order to find harmony.