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Relationship with the land

I am beyond delighted to have taught a workshop and hosted a circle, as well as done many healing sessions, in my new space. I have had several offices over the years (and I started my healing practice in my own basement). I have also taught workshops in at least four other locations. It was such a blessing to land here (yes, pun intended).

It has also made me think again about the importance of the land, and of building relationship, particularly when we move. I have received many teachings over the past year about what it is to get to know a place, and also to say goodbye to a place. It also brings into focus the incredible importance of reciprocity with the land. Working with land spirits is an essential part of my practice, but it is also one that developed later on--the understanding of the reciprocity between a community and a place is something very profound, and something that continues to develop for me.

I see a lot of taking the land for granted in my life. Most people don't take time to stop and appreciate the beauty around them. But more than that, more important than appreciation, is acknowledgment. The trees, flowers, rocks, rivers are not passive things to be enjoyed. They are beings, and we share the land with them.

As you go out on the land during this warmer season, I invite you to stop, not just to appreciate the beauty that you see, but to acknowledge the sprits around you. Whisper a prayer. Make an offering. Leave a gift. And see what you notice. You may be surprised at the acknowledgement you receive in return.

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