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Weather surprise!

I spoke too soon! We are back into winter weather in my part of the world, and in the last month, our snow totals for the season in Vermont have almost doubled. Our second March surprise was over 2 feet of powdery snow at my house, and as I write this, an April storm is leaving almost that much.


It's a good reminder not to become too sure of what's in store for us--things can always change, and when it comes to weather, Nature has the final say. This snow is a blessing, as the lower than normal snowpack creates many issues for the environment in the spring and summer months. This snow was sorely needed, and I am so thankful for it. It's a reminder that we can't always see the blessings ahead, and it is essential that we are open to what may be offered to us.


Remember to be open to the gifts that you cannot yet see.

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